While so many people still rely on porn to learn about sex, many free online resources are much more useful and can make a difference in your sex life. If you’re seeking guidance, looking to enhance your intimacy, or simply curious about the complexities of human sexuality and connections, here is a list of top sex and relationship blogs that provide insightful perspectives and expert advice.

Dan Savage’s blog “Savage Love”

Dan Savage is a well-known sex advice columnist and LGBTQ+ rights advocate. His blog offers a wide range of content, including reader-submitted questions, personal anecdotes, and commentary on various aspects of relationships, sexuality, and societal issues. With a bold and candid approach, Dan Savage provides insights, addressing topics such as communication, sexual preferences, ethical non-monogamy, and sex positivity. The blog serves as a resource for individuals seeking advice, seeking to challenge societal norms, and promoting open-mindedness and acceptance in matters of love and sexuality.

Dawn Serra’s Blog

This blog is a valuable resource for anyone seeking guidance, self-reflection, and a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. With a focus on holistic well-being and authentic self-expression, Dawn Serra provides thoughtful and inclusive perspectives on intimacy, communication, and self-discovery. The blog features articles that explore subjects such as body positivity, sexual empowerment, navigating boundaries, and embracing diversity in relationships. Through her engaging and compassionate writing style, Dawn Serra encourages readers to cultivate healthy and fulfilling connections while honoring their individual needs and desires.

• Esther Perel’s Blog  https://www.estherperel.com/blog

This is a blog of Esther Perel, a renowned couples therapist and author. Here she shares her insights and thought-provoking articles on the complexities of desire, infidelity, and the challenges modern relationships face. Esther Perel’s unique perspective challenges societal norms and encourages open conversations about intimacy and connection.

• Scarleteen  https://www.scarleteen.com/blog

Scarleteen is a comprehensive sex education website that covers a wide range of topics relevant to young adults and teenagers. Their blog offers inclusive, non-judgmental advice on sexual health, consent, relationships, and navigating the complexities of adolescence. With a focus on empowerment, Scarleteen provides resources to foster healthy decision-making and promotes an understanding of diverse sexualities and identities.

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