Somatic Sexuality Coach for Women

Working with a somatic sexuality coach will help you get to a place of self-trust, confidence, and power that is free of shame and full of pleasure.

I’m here to help you unlearn

Unlearn things you’ve been told that are limiting and prevent you from being a happier, sexier, juicier version of yourself.

There are all sorts of limiting beliefs that we end up with by simply being a part of the culture that doesn’t recognize the sexual expression as a healthy function of our beings.

A lot of us grew up with messages like:

  • “sex is dirty,”
  • “you are too much,”
  • “don’t give it away,”
  • “you should please and sacrifice yourself for the needs of others,”
  • “you should look sexy, but not slutty,”
  • “how attractive you are is defined by your youthful looks,”
  • “you should orgasm quickly and from intercourse only.”

As a result, perhaps you decided that you have to be a particular shape, size, or age to be loved and experience pleasure and intimacy fully.

As a somatic sex coach…

I’ll support you in becoming more embodied and aware; rewriting internal programs that hold you back and prevent you from having a relationship that is fulfilling emotionally, sexually and spiritually, whether it is with yourself or with another.


  • Feel sexually empowered; enhance and expand your erotic vocabulary, learn how to spice up your sex life without feeling gimmicky, get comfortable initiating sex in a clear and sexy way.
  • Identify and let go of your sabotaging beliefs; imagine your life free of self-criticism, fear of intimacy and competition, codependency, possessiveness; being in the victim role or blaming others.
  • Cultivate sexual confidence. Become more playful and flirtatious, know how to tell your partners what you want unapologetically, stop being worried about what your body looks like during sex, allow yourself to receive fully. Somatic sex coaching is different from just talk therapy. You’ll get homework to experiment with yourself and/or your partners, as well as practice some of the skills (such as communicating your needs and desires, talking dirty, etc.) with me during the sessions.
  • Access more pleasure & excitement with embodiment practices. Ever feel that “I must be broken inside for not feeling pleasure from intercourse?” You’re not alone! Gain a deeper awareness of your body, sexual energy, and sensuality, understand your sexual anatomy, increase your orgasmic potential.

What to expect from a session with me

After exploring your unique history, I will design custom somatic practices and interactive exercises to fine-tune the connection between your body, mind, and heart. This type of realignment will create a space for you to feel more pleasure and confidence in and out of the bedroom.

“Anya is a rare find whose talent for deep listening, healing facilitation, and designing intimacy, pleasure, somatic self-discovery exercises tailored to each client’s needs, was apparent to me from our first session together and never wavered. By navigating our interactions with unfailing compassion, prompt attention, and clear boundaries, she made it easy to trust her capacity to hold my vulnerabilities and my process with total non-judgment.” – Carol M.

My Background

Certified VITA™ Sex, Love, and Relationships Coach, Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, 2022

Certified Somatic Sexologist, International Institute for Sexological Bodywork, IISB 2018

Trained in the Somatica Method of Sex and Intimacy Coaching, Somatica Institute, 2016

Certified Women’s Sexuality Teacher, Tao Tantric Arts, 2016

Teachers who deeply inspired my practice are: Layla Martin, Michaela Boehm, David Deida, Shakti Malan, Celeste and Danielle, Jaiya.

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