This is my honest review and experience with the VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach Certification offered by Layla Martin and the VITA Institute.

* Heads up: I am an affiliate with Layla Martin and may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

Are you intrigued, excited, and possibly confused about which sexual coaching certification to choose? I get it!

There are many options out there, all promising you a straightforward way to transition into the career of your dreams and change people’s sexual lives and relationships while charging a big buck for it. As somebody who completed a number of other sex coaching certifications and experienced it from the inside, I wanted to share why I highly recommend VITA.

By the time I thought about joining Layla Martin’s program, I studied with the Somatica Institute, International Institute for Sexological Bodywork, Tao Tantric Arts, Shakti Malan, and Michaela Boehm. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invest in another training, and it took me over 2 years to commit.

So, what inspired me to join?
  • I was on Layla’s email list for years, and time and again, the depth, wisdom, and vulnerability she brought to the table were something I’m looking for in a teacher. Hearing Layla’s story of transformation and resilience from someone with a history of severe sexual trauma and unworthiness, being broke as a Tantra teacher for years, to happiness and thriving while running a multi-million dollar sexual empowerment brand is truly inspiring!
  • Eventually, I joined VITA Sacred Sexuality monthly membership that offered weekly online classes exploring the topics of pleasure, relationships, women’s empowerment, emotional intelligence, sacred sexuality, and money. Seeing how well-designed this container was and how much value was offered gave me a good insight into what VITA sexual coaching certification will be.
  • When I looked at VITA graduates’ testimonials, what stood out was how many of them mentioned that within just the first trimester of the training, they got enough value out of the program that they would have considered it a worthy investment.
  • It was easy to get a taster of Layla’s teaching style from numerous free resources she offers, such as her Youtube channel, her podcast, and practices like:

Here is what stood out for me in the VITA sex coach certification in comparison with other trainings I took:

  • A unique and solid coaching methodology based on the principles of neuroscience, modern psychology, and biology, combined with the ancient wisdom of Tantric and Taoist teachings. During the second trimester, we got to experience the healing and transformation that the VITA approach offered firsthand (since one of the certification requirements is to be coached by a peer.)
  • The amount of information, resources, live classes, and support we got was unprecedented. In fact, I have enough materials to study and use in my coaching practice for years to come. At no point I felt like Layla was holding anything back. This program offered weekly personal coaching support calls, business development calls, the opportunity to email staff or ask a question on a forum and get a reply the same day.
  • In addition to Layla, we were taught by four other experts in the field and, during the first two trimesters, had weekly “office hours” calls with the teacher assigned to us.
  • We got to see Layla and other teachers coaching students weekly for 6 months, and it was really helpful to see the coaching methodology in action. We also had an opportunity to volunteer and receive coaching.
  • During the second trimester, we could practice our coaching skills on live calls and get teacher feedback.
  • This training offered the most comprehensive business training out of all the other programs I attended. Trimester 3 included the Business Bootcamp and business workshops on sales, content creation, email marketing, pricing, defining your niche, podcasting, using TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook ads, and more.
  • The program was incredibly well designed and run: from reminder emails about the classes and all the calls to fast email support to a very well-organized online platform, classes starting on time. I haven’t seen this level of attention to detail in any other sex coaching certification I took.
  • I joined early, so in addition to a monthly payment plan, I got access to 3 months of classes (before the core training started) and one of Layla’s signature programs (you’ll get to choose between Crystal Pleasure, Men’s Sexual Mastery, or Obliss.) I particularly appreciated comprehensive workshops and resources on the topic of money and wealth consciousness.
  • Included in the training were workshops by externally invited trauma, LGBTQ+, pelvic floor anatomy, and anti-racism experts.
  • Finally, in the past, I had teachers sharing intimacy coaching and communication tools only to abandon all of them the moment a student asked for a refund. In a similar situation here, I saw Layla showing up with kindness, compassion, and integrity, and this is the kind of teacher I want: the one I can feel safe and trust when challenging situations arise.
Layla’s motto is “underpromise and over-deliver,” and, indeed, I got everything promised and more. There were no surprises other than the very pleasant kind.
And if you join early, between July 25 – September 12, 2023, you’ll get the best price and the most bonuses.
P.s. Have a specific question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.