What clients have to say about me...

“ I must admit in the beginning I was skeptical about Intimacy coaching (as a therapeutic process) and Sexology (as a subject matter). I have serious childhood traumas of every category and have struggled in my relationships and primarily in my relationship with myself. But as I turn 50, and feeling desperate to break the cycle of negative thinking, self-image, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, I found myself desperate for help that neither years of therapy nor psychiatry were resolving… Being resistant to medications to treat any issues and hoping to find alternatives to healing, I decided to begin sessions with Anya and I am so grateful that I did! In my desperation, I dove into her sessions with complete abandon and willingness to trust in her process, share the most intimate and personal self-truths, my greatest fears, my deepest shames, and in so doing, received a treasure trove of tools, methods, therapy, insight, healing and transformation, that has made a significant impact on my life. I can’t express how thankful and grateful I am, and I highly recommend Anya to help anyone struggling with sex, intimacy, and relationship challenges.” Jimmy T.

“We have been working with Anya for a couple of months now and already there has been a huge shift in our desire for sex and experimentation within our monogamous relationship. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is giving us plenty of tips and ideas for bringing our sexy back. She is also super easy to talk with. My husband and I both feel very comfortable disclosing intimate details of our sex life (or lack thereof). I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their relationship with not only their partner, but with their self. ” Sydney M.

“ Anya’s energy is a beautiful and steady guide. Her ability to both contain sessions and expand the field of one’s healing with both her presence and her obvious extensive training, left me in a place of ease, trust, safety, and surrender from our first session.

If you are wanting to be held in complete love and safety, while also encouraged to truly explore your edges of what holds you back, consider her for your healing journey.” Artemis M., Sex Therapist, LMHCA

” Anya has a deep well of empathy and expertise to offer to those of us who are seeking better sexual relationships and personal sex, delivered in a warm, healthy, open environment. As an older person I was surprised and pleased how well she could relate and translate her learning to my concerns. I highly recommend her.” Bob E.

” Anya is wonderful!! She is gentle, attuned, knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and a great listener. Her warmth and genuineness are palpable. If you are looking for help up-leveling your skill-set in around sexuality and relationships, in a way that feels both deep and safe, I highly recommend working with her. ” Ruth S.

” You talking to both of us and guiding us is really helping to not only understand and have a better perspective about sex but also to establish a better communication. “
Alice & Mark

” Anya is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Even though I’ve seen her just a few times I gained a lot from our sessions. She offered practical tools that addressed my behavior patterns and suggested a lot of useful resources. I’m very happy with the results and recommend her to friends. ” Catherine G.

” Anya is a great practitioner, she is attentive, caring, skilled and knowledgeable. Anya works with the body, her skills support the natural healing and pleasure processes of the body. She is encouraging, gentle and respectful. I recommend her to any woman who wants to heal and find more pleasure in their lives.” Iona S.

” I could tell Anya cared about our work as a practice and myself as a person. I fully recommend her as a practitioner, and suggest being authentic and open with her to obtain optimal results from her work.  ” Mitchell A.

” Anya is incredible.  She provides a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere to do some real work in growing up and showing up to life.  Her experiential focus is was a great way for me to learn things about myself very quickly. Highly recommended! ” Jay T.

“I found your approach consoling, thoughtful, helpful and optimistic, all good qualities for a coach. I was impressed at how you immediately sought out my vulnerability and addressed that warmly so I could feel secure. I’m trying out the exercises and begin to “get it”.” Monique C.

” I would recommend Anya to anyone with an interest in opening their hearts and exploring the therapeutic benefits of authentic human connection. I felt supported with compassion and empathy along every step of my journey towards empowerment and happiness. ” Ben K.

“ I came to Anya because I struggled to orgasm, only to quickly realize that I had much bigger problems to solve (around my attachment traumas and nervous system dysregulation.) I had been looking in the wrong places for relief and growth and had no idea of the attachment trauma I was carrying before our work together.

Thank you for being such a kind, compassionate, and incredibly insightful coach. I wish I had found you years and years ago, Anya! You’ve helped me more than any psychiatrist, psychologist, or CBT therapist I ever had. I really mean that, and I’ve had a lot.” Karen M.

I saw Anya over a year ago because I was struggling with social anxiety and self-confidence in romance and dating. Anya made me feel comfortable opening up about my problems, holding a safe space through her compassion and deep empathy. She knew just what it took in terms of not only what to say, but also practical somatic exercises that helped me get out of my head (I’m an anxious overthinker) and into my body. I was pleasantly surprised with the breadth of knowledge she had about trauma, meditations, and emotions. She had a great balance of being professional and showing that she personally cared about my improvement and growth. I quickly started to look forward to our sessions where I saw my ability to connect with others grow. The biggest step she allowed me to do was for me to see myself as dateable and sexy. A few months in, I did something that I never thought was possible for me – I met someone not online but in real life and felt genuine chemistry! A year later, it’s been the healthiest and most stable relationship I’ve been in in my life. Thank you for believing in me, Anya!” V.S.

” My sessions with Anya are one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. In just a few months, Anya has helped me overcome issues with intimacy that I struggled with my ENTIRE life. She is calming, caring, supportive, and empathetic while keeping you accountable. I am so grateful for the improvements I’m seeing in my life and relationships.” Tzipora H.

“It was very challenging for me to reach out to a “sex coach” – the very thought of it made me feel ashamed, vulnerable and even a bit silly. However, I was really desperate to heal some wounds I had, and change a narrative I had about myself, about my relationships and about sex. I had been in therapy for years, however I found most therapists really were not knowledgeable or comfortable in the realm of sexuality or eroticism. Anya has really changed my life. In addition to 1-on-1 meetings, she provided me meditations, texts, videos, visualizations, classes and a number of other supportive and didactic materials. She is incredibly accommodating and her services are a worthwhile investment. Sex is such a big part of our lives, I have achieved so much more freedom since I decided to put my energy towards raising my consciousness through Anya’s coaching. Thank you Anya!!” Lindsay R.

” Time and time again, Anya knew how to skillfully meet me where I was at any given session, while gently holding me accountable to my goals for healthy pleasure practice and intimacy in partnership. Whenever I hit a stumbling block, Anya approached the situation with ingenuity, curiosity, and warmth, drawing upon her extensive knowledge to recommend various tools, workshops, or resources for me to try out. Her sincere commitment to co-creating the conditions to support my growth, honest self-expression, and courage to show up more authentically in partnership will always stick out for me, and I’m excited to continue to play with the wealth of methodologies she shared! Anya is the real deal :-)” Anna R.

” Working with you helped me recognize my habits of communication in an intimate situation. It helped me understand that being intimate with another person requires trust in my own abilities to ask for what I want and know WHY I want it. I’m also grateful to have been reminded that positive intimate touch is a way of healing, communicating, learning, and playing. ” Kelly A.

” I feel so empowered! I realized I shut my sexual energy down because I always saw it as reliant on something out of my control. I found that I can generate pleasure and intense feeling without an actual woman present in person, or by proxy (porn, dreams, fantasy). Now I see that while it will never be the same without a partner, I can still take charge and cultivate that energy in a sustainable and consistent practice all by myself. ” Tim C.

” My work with Anya was transformative. Just several sessions changed so much in my relationship. We’ve tried out all of her ideas and found so many new things that we enjoy in bed. She helped increase my confidence and opened the door to a lot of exciting sex. I’ve never felt closer to my partner than now and I think the intimacy I’ve built with her by exploring some of Anya’s suggestions played a big role in that.” Kevin M.