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Hi, I’m Anya Laeta – a Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach in San Francisco Bay Area.

I can help you find pleasure and confidence in and out of the bedroom.


During sex & relationship coaching sessions we’ll work on:

Mindset Mastery »

increase your confidence


Clear Action Plan »

make progress towards your goals


What kind of concerns people come to me with…

I’ve successfully worked with people facing challenges such as:

  • Rekindling a passionate sex life after years of a sexless marriage
  • Individuals suffering from low self-esteem and performance anxiety
  • Frustrated partners with mismatched libidos and difficulties communicating about sex
  • Trauma-survivors looking to get more comfortable with intimacy and pleasure
  • Couples unsure where to start with exploration of ethical non-monogamy or trying something new in the bedroom
  • Ostracized or misunderstood kinksters looking for support and more…
Anya Laeta - sex and intimacy coach

About me:

Trained in the Somatica Method of Sex and Intimacy Coaching, Sexological Bodywork and Tantra, I create a safe space for you by being open-minded, knowledgeable, perceptive, and caring, but I will hold you accountable for the results you are trying to get.

About you:

You want deep, meaningful growth in your relationships and sexuality, and you’re ready to work for it. You want a judgment-free experience where you can learn to be yourself and own your struggles, while willing to try new solutions and step out of your comfort zone.

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