About Anya Laeta

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been really curious about love, human sexuality, and relationship psychology. I wanted to know, what exactly is it I needed to do to feel fulfilled and thriving in intimate relationships.

My personal relationship challenges and desire to understand pleasure and sexuality lead me to explore a number of personal growth, self-awareness, and somatic modalities. Including mindfulness meditation, Buddhism, Tantra, solo and partner dancing, rebirthing breathwork, Kundalini yoga, Tantric and Thai massage, nonviolent communication, martial arts, Continuum movement, Reiki energy work, and TRE tension and trauma release method.

More I was able to take responsibility for my own happiness and show up in relationships as a “whole” more fulfilling and lasting my relationships became.

In 2016 I trained in the Somatica® method of Sex & Intimacy Coaching, the modality that my practice is based on, and that I highly value for its focus on embodied experiential learning. As a result of this training, I recognized my lifelong study of psychology, personal growth, sexuality and relationship as a calling to help others.

Today my mission is to help you meet your erotic potential and relationship needs!


“Anya is a gifted healer and trustworthy professional. She pinpointed many underdeveloped parts of my emotional body and gave me tools that improved my familial, professional, and intimate relationships.

Together we built a foundation for the life I’ve always wanted to live. I acquired new skills and an awareness of that which held me back from achieving my goals, in all facets of life.

Anya lives congruently with what she offers her clients by modeling what it means to be a balanced and fulfilled adult. She gave me the choice to make my relationships places to thrive and grow, rather than places to suffer and wither away.” ~ Tyler G.

“Anya is a great practitioner, she is attentive, caring, skilled and knowledgeable. Anya works with the body, her skills support the natural healing and pleasure processes of the body. She is encouraging, gentle and respectful. I recommend her to any woman who wants to heal and explore pleasure.” ~ Iona S.

“My session with Anya was transformative. Just a single session with her changed so much in my relationship. We’ve tried out all of her ideas and found so many new things that we enjoy in bed. She helped increase my confidence and opened the door to a lot of exciting sex. I’ve never felt closer to my partner than now and I think the intimacy I’ve built with her by exploring some of Anya’s suggestions played a big role in that.” ~ Kevin M.