About Anya Laeta

I was fascinated with sex and relationships for as long as I can remember.

Given that sex was a shameful and taboo topic in my culture, it is miraculous that my attitude toward sex was always one of curiosity and experimentation.

Despite being open-minded and comfortable with sex, all my relationships would start lacking passion and excitement after about a year or so. I would conclude that I “fell out of love” and look for a new relationship. Only to repeat this pattern all over 6-12 months later.

Not being able to have a sustainable, fulfilling sex life made me feel like a failure in relationships. It is this challenge that ultimately led me to study human sexuality, Tantra, and relationship psychology.

Understanding how my erotic mind, desire, arousal, sexual polarity, and anatomy work empowers me to create and re-create excitement, passion, and sexual satisfaction every day.

I would be lying if I said it’s easy. Yet, having a roadmap to do it made it possible for me to have a happy and sexy long-term relationship that I was dreaming about.

Today I’m honored to help you meet your erotic potential and relationship needs!

My Background

  • Certified VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, 2022
  • Certified Somatic Sexologist, International Institute for Sexological Bodywork, 2018
  • Somatica Method of Sex and Intimacy Coaching, Somatica Institute, 2016
  • Certified Women’s Sexuality Teacher, Tao Tantric Arts, 2016

Some of the teachers who inspired my practice are Layla Martin, Michaela Boehm, David Deida, Shakti Malan, Celeste & Danielle, Jaiya.

The last 18 years in San Francisco have been a great playground for exploring alternative relationship styles, kink, and BDSM.