About Anya Laeta

Throughout my life, I have been yearning for depth, meaning, and connection. And was intrigued by the topics of personal growth, self-improvement, and spirituality from an early age.

My journey led me around the world to study Buddhism and mindfulness meditation in California, yoga in India, Tantra and Taoist practices in Indonesia, martial arts in China, and dance in Europe. I also explored somatic modalities such as holotropic breathwork, Thai massage,  Continuum Movement, Reiki energy work, and TRE tension and trauma release method.

Some of the teachers who shaped me as a Tantra and Somatic Sex Coach are: David Deida, Shakti Malan, Celeste & Danielle, Layla Martin, Jaiya.

The last 15 years in San Francisco have been a great playground for experimenting with alternative relationship styles, kink, and BDSM.

The continual search for challenging, beautiful experiences led me to train in the Somatica® method of Sex & Intimacy Coaching. This is the modality that my practice is based on, and I highly value it for its focus on embodied experiential learning.

I am also a certified Somatic Sexologist with IISB® and Tao Tantric Arts certified facilitator.

Today my mission is to help you meet your erotic potential and relationship needs!