As a Somatic Sex Coach, most of the time I work with clients on the following four things:

Sexual Mastery

I provide sex & relationship education that most of us never got. It includes accurate information and practical tools that help my clients create deep, meaningful connections and passionate, fulfilling sex life.

What I share depends on clients’ specific needs and goals but here is a rough list of things I often cover:

  • how to expand your erotic repertoire and try things that sound exciting or edgy
  • how to discover your unique turn-ons and communicate them to your partners
  • understanding sexual anatomy and how to help your partner feel more pleasure
  • learning what your sexual language is
  • sexual technique
  • how to be comfortable saying “No” to something you are not entirely on board with
  • better seduction and flirting skills
  • how to be more intuitive and creative with touch
  • getting comfortable with your dominant or submissive side
  • how to make real something you always wanted to explore but never felt comfortable to ask for
  • your attachment style and how it impacts your relationships
  • and the list goes on…

Turns out there is a lot to learn when it comes to sexuality & intimacy!

Mindset Mastery

Throughout our lives, we all receive toxic messages about masculinity, femininity, relationships, and sex. We get them from our family, school, religion, culture, and of course, media.

I’m sure you are familiar with the following sexual and gender stereotypes:

  • “Women should be able to get wet at the drop of a hat and orgasm easily and from intercourse only.”
  • “Men should be able to get hard instantly and last for as long as needed.”
  • “It is your job to make sure your partner had an orgasm.”
  • “You are not sexy unless you fit into a box of what media considers “sexy”.”

A lot of these messages are toxic and turn into beliefs that not infrequently stay with us for a lifetime. If left unquestioned, they prevent you from feeling confident and comfortable with who you are.

So, to let go of shame, insecurities, and doubts it is crucial to examine your beliefs, where they came from and whether they serve you today.

Body Awareness & Mindfulness

Life in a modern western world often encourages you to treat your body as a vehicle that moves your brain from point A to point B.

While it might help in the boardroom, when it comes to the bedroom, it is extremely beneficial to “get out of your head” and get into your body.

What does “being in your body” entail?

It means being fully in the moment, in the here and now, aware of all the feelings and sensations in your body. As opposed to being worried about what your partner thinks, what you should do next, or comparing your experience to what happened in the past.

Body awareness and mindfulness are where pleasure and confidence come from.

Clear Action Plan

Humans are creatures of habit. People often stick to things that don’t work for them in the long run just because something familiar will always be preferable to the unknown.

As a sex coach, I create a weekly structure for my clients to know exactly what needs to get done to make sure they are making progress towards their goals. I follow-up with relevant resources, such as practices, meditations, videos, books, articles.

While I am my clients’ best cheerleader and make sure they feel supported every step of the way, I do hold them accountable in doing what it takes to change their behavior patterns and face insecurities.