I always believed in gifting experiences vs. material things. Why giving something that will often gather dust in a corner at best and pollute the planet at worst if, instead, you can give your lover a memory of excitement and connection that they will cherish for a while.

This is what inspired me to offer an introduction to the Sensation Play workshop this Valentine’s day. And you are invited to join!

Sensation play refers to sensual and sexual activities that focus on exploring physical sensations. It involves the use of various sensory stimuli to create a variety of physical and emotional responses. You can do it both for sexual arousal or as part of BDSM activities. To me, more than anything, it means slowing down and letting yourself and your partner experiment, be curious, and tease each other, squirming in delight.

There are many ways to explore this type of play. This workshop will help you find what works best for you and your partner! You will learn about safety, consent, negotiation techniques, and more.

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Here is a testimonial from a past participant that might give you some idea what this play-shop is about:
“Anya’s workshop is a feast for the senses, a sexy and ludic exploration that will heighten your self-awareness and arouse you in tantalizing ways. It will give you an opportunity to step out from the busy, stressed, hurried everyday world into a magical space where you have a chance to get in touch with yourself, and re-connect with your partner in sensual ways, and slowly and playfully awaken your senses and discover long-forgotten joys or pleasures, and explore new ones, expanding your awareness and your repertoire of sensual unbridled playfulness” – Andrea M.

“I recently spent Valentine’s Day evening with my partner at one of Anya’s Introduction to Sensory Play Workshops. It was playful and also deeply intimate at the same time and I found myself totally forgetting everything else in the room when I was feeding my partner dark chocolate while lightly sliding an ice cube across her collar bone. Both experiences, one being the experience of focusing all your attention on your partner and the other experience of having the same done to you, were incredible.

My partner and I learned a lot at this event and are grateful at how well Anya kept the space safe while offering ideas, training, and fun tools to help the participants please each other in simple yet also profound ways. So much of the chatter of the larger world leaves when you focus on the sensory experience of your body, and this was a great way to learn more about embracing those moments.” – Sean K.