Tantra Yoga Coach for Women

Have you been dreaming about feeling more comfortable in your skin, unapologetically expressing your desires, experiencing more pleasure?…

When a woman’s sexual energy wakes up to its spiritual essence, she wakes up everything around her. She is wild – natural, pure, spontaneous, fully embodied. She creates a world that reflects her heart’s deepest call. Her radiance inspires men to embody the divine masculine. She dances into the sky of possibilities.

What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra Yoga is a modern take on ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist spiritual practices. It is a tradition in which awakening is pursued through the embracing of all and denial of none, seeing everything that happens in your life as a way to learn, grow, and become more conscious and alive.

My approach to Tantra yoga is focused on personal transformation through embodiment, relationships, and intimacy.

Tantra Yoga Coaching is for You
if you are ready to let go of:

  • Avoiding sex and intimacy
  • Being bored with sex
  • Experiencing numbness or discomfort during the intercourse
  • Not knowing what turns you on
  • Feeling pressure to have sex and forcing yourself to do it
  • Being ashamed of talking openly about sex
  • Faking orgasms
  • Feeling alone and unable to share your insecurities with anybody
  • Hoping that things in the bedroom will get better on their own
  • A belief that your libido is low and there is nothing to do about it
  • Blocks that inhibit women’s sexual expression
  • Women’s anatomy of arousal
  • Different types of sexual desire
  • Your core erotic themes
  • Your sexual language
  • Fundamental tools for creating more pleasure and sensation
  • Understanding how sexual desire corresponds to your cycle
  • Influence of stress on your libido and what you can do about it
  • How to work with yoni dearmoring
  • How to increase your orgasmic capacity
  • Practical skills around sensual touch
  • Jade Egg yoga
  • To expand your erotic menu
  • Understanding your nervous system, how it responds to trauma and how to release it into its natural, healthy flow
  • How your attachment style impacts your relationships
  • Clearly and effectively communicate your most pressing concerns to your partner
  • Get in touch with your needs and ask for what you want
  • How to allow yourself to be an active receiver
  • How to manage disappointment and rejection
  • Trauma and stress release exercises (TRE modality)
  • and much more…
My Background

I am a Certified Tantra Practitioner with Tao Tantric Arts, as well as a Certified Somatic Sexologist. More importantly, I’ve been on a journey of personal growth, healing, mindfulness & embodiment for the last 15 years. I “walked the walk” and continue doing so every day!

Tantra teachers who deeply inspired my practice are David Deida, Shakti Malan, Shashi Solluna, Layla Martin, Kim Anami, and Jaiya.

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Your Investment

$1800 USD
Includes: 12 private sessions, follow-up tools, practices, notes, and materials to support your growth.