Sex, dating & relationship coaching for men

It’s tough to be a man. As a man, you are expected to always be strong, confident, logical, take the initiative, not be emotional, be a provider, and to want and be ready to have sex under any circumstances…

My mission is to help you step into your power and unravel conflicting social messages. I want you to feel confident, grounded, and secure so that you can show up in the world and relate authentically.

I provide a safe space where you can allow any of your feelings, doubts, secrets, and desires to be expressed. A great part of healing comes from not needing to hide, which paves the way to integrating the suppressed parts of yourself.

Getting a good grasp on the following topics will help you have an exciting sex life and a fulfilling relationship:

  • Understanding patterns in your relationships and their origins
  • Identifying your needs and asking for what you want
  • Re-connecting with your animal body
  • Expanding your erotic menu
  • Learning different ways to touch
  • Effective and vulnerable communication
  • Having hot passionate sex in a long-term relationship
  • Finding dating strategies that work for you
  • Discovering how your attachment style impacts your relationships
  • Being ok with disappointment
  • Seduction and flirting
  • Finding your core erotic theme
  • Surviving rejection
  • Understanding sexual desire in women
  • Learning about women’s anatomy of arousal, orgasms, and how to read non-verbal cues
  • Experimenting with BDSM
  • Exploring your fantasies and finding ways to introduce them to your partner(s)
  • Navigating sex and porn addiction
  • Learning to become aware of and expressing feelings
  • Exploring your romantic and passionate side
  • Getting comfortable with your dominant/submissive side
  • Defining and communicating your boundaries
  • Dealing with sexual anxiety, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction
  • Allowing yourself to be an active receiver

What to expect from a sex & intimacy coaching session with me?

Our session will be a fun and safe place of experimentation, where you can get honest feedback, and gain skills to get what you want out of your relationships both sexually and emotionally. No two sessions are alike, but all include custom-tailored experiential practices or interactive exercises that will help you to feel more confident, connected, and empowered for intimacy and sex.