Intimacy, dating & sex coaching for women

As women, all too often we encounter messages such as “don’t be too emotional,” “you are too much,” “your value is defined by your youthful looks,” “don’t give it away,” “you should please and sacrifice yourself for the needs of others,” “you should look sexy, but not slutty.” Women are also expected to orgasm quickly and from intercourse.

Social messages often have a strong and negative impact on women’s sexuality, relationships and dating life. My mission is to help you to recognize self-sabotaging beliefs that block you from your ideal relationship. I will guide you to a place free of guilt and shame, and reawaken your self-trust and self-confidence.

Imagine feeling sexually empowered, relaxed and comfortable in your skin, confident to experiment and try things that excite you and your partners, not being afraid to ask for what you want.

By developing these skills and thoroughly understanding these concepts, you’ll rediscover your sexy, sensual self and be better prepared for building a satisfying relationship:

  • Discovering patterns in your relationships and their origins
  • Defining and communicating your boundaries
  • Learning about the difference between sexual desire and arousal in women and men
  • Finding your core erotic theme
  • Gaining/enhancing sensual touch skills
  • Acknowledging your needs and asking for what you want
  • Effective and vulnerable communication
  • Finding dating strategies that work for you
  • Discovering how your attachment style impacts your relationships
  • Processing body image related concerns
  • How to manage disappointment and rejection
  • Learning about women’s anatomy of arousal, orgasms, and sex toys
  • Experimenting with BDSM
  • Exploring your fantasies and finding ways to introduce them to your partner(s)
  • Repairing relationships and reconnecting after betrayal
  • “De-shamifying” and embracing the slut and virgin archetypes
  • Getting comfortable with your dominant/submissive side
  • Defining and communicating your boundaries
  • How to deal with your partner’s sexual anxiety, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction
  • Expanding your erotic repertoire
  • Having hot passionate sex in a long-term relationship
  • Seduction & flirting
  • Exploring your naughty side
  • Processing rejection

What to expect from a sex & intimacy coaching session with me?

After exploring your unique history I will design custom somatic practices and interactive exercises, to fine tune connection between your body, mind, and heart. This type of realignment will create a space for you to feel more pleasure and confidence in and out of the bedroom.