A Secret to Reclaiming Your Sexual Desire

There is a lot of pressure for women in our society to want sex spontaneously, as well as to be wet at the drop of a hat and orgasm easily and from intercourse only. You may be surprised to learn that according to research only about 15% of women experience exclusively spontaneous desire.

Tips on how to choose the best mattress for sex

Recently I was invited to participate in an expert roundup sharing my thoughts on a topic of what a couple should consider when shopping for the best mattress for sex.

I was mainly looking at physical characteristics that make mattresses more fun to have sex on. I love though that some sexperts saw mattress shopping as an opportunity for partners to talk about different things that matter to both of them when it comes to sex.

Hot date idea to spice up your sex life

Looking for a hot date idea? Under the right circumstances watching porn together can do wonders for your sex life.

I know many men would love the idea while many women would feel the opposite. Heck, I’m one of those women! When it comes to mainstream porn…

The benefits of intimate relationships

An intimate relationship is the one where you feel open and safe to be yourself and can trust your partner to treat you with love, care, and respect.

While cultivating a relationship where you feel comfortable opening up about your challenges or insecurities is not easy it can be extremely beneficial both for your emotional wellbeing and sex life…

Valentine’s Introduction to Sensation Play

I always believed in gifting experiences vs. material things. Why giving something that will often gather dust in a corner at best and pollute the planet at worst if instead, you can give your lover a memory of excitement and connection that they will cherish for a...